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6 Best Recreational Places in the City of Surabaya You Must Visit

Surabaya as a metropolitan city in East Java is a recreational destination for travelers from various origins. There are several recreational spots in Surabaya that you can visit together. Recreational …


Responsible Travel While Visiting Bali


4 Best Tourist Places in The World

Mental Health

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5 Effective Ways to Keep Psychological Health

You can’t just focus on physical health, psychological health also plays a large role in life. Psychological health as one’s own ability to manage feelings and deal with daily difficulties. …

Life Hack

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The Best Life Hack You Can Do

There are so many life hack tips circulating on the internet today. As we know, Life hack is a set of tips to solve everyday problems. Life hack seems to …

Home Life Hack That You Can Do


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The Most Popular Social Media in 2021

Today, gadgets and the internet are inseparable things in our daily activities. Life feels empty without both. Waking up, the first thing to look for is definitely a gadget aka …

3 Best Gaming Smartphone in 2021


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Know Easy HTML Tutorial for Beginners

The first step to being able to make a website yourself is to learn html. Here we will learn html step by step from the basics, this HTML tutorial is …