3 Best Life Hacks to Boost Your Productivity at Home


The pandemic has made us all lax and loose ever since it’s started, and you might be spending most of your time lounging watching Netflix all day. And well, if you’re fine with that, good for you. But, it’s still important for us to still be productive, and if you’re having trouble doing that, don’t worry because we have 3 best life hacks that you can use.

So, without procrastinating any further, let’s start!

1. Implement the two-minute rule

Quoting the man David Allen himself, if a thing takes less than two minutes to do, then do it right now. You might ask yourself why with this life-hack, but most people are overthinker in general, they worry about the details too much instead of just doing it and letting it sit at the back of their mind.

So, by taking action instantly and do the thing, you’ll find yourself save more time, and be overall more productive than when you just started earlier.

Originally posted 2021-03-04 13:52:33.