3 Best Websites to Learn Python, Java, and HTML Tutorials


In these days and age where everything is done digitally or virtually, especially with the pandemic, it’s natural for people to want to learn programming languages such as the ones above. But where can you actually find Python tutorial, Java tutorial, and HTML tutorials?

Well, there are a couple of websites that you can use, that are totally free to start learning those languages right now.

1. W3Schools

If you have any sort of familiarity or interest in programming, then this site’s name shouldn’t be a surprise to you. W3Schools offers tons and tons of resources for all sorts of programming languages.

You can bet that you can find Python tutorial, Java tutorial and HTML tutorial in that website, and it’s totally free too, as we’ve already mentioned.

2. Code Academy

Code Academy is one of the best platforms that you can use to learn all sorts of programming languages through its courses. It has a wide library of courses available to everyone online, as well as some more premium library that you need to pay to access.

But don’t get us wrong, even its free courses are worth your time, and it will definitely give you the Python tutorial, Java tutorial, and HTML tutorial that you’re looking for.

3. YouTube

While this might seem to be a bit unorthodox for some people, YouTube is an actual learning platform that you can use if you know where to look. For instance, a channel named freeCodeCamp upload tons and tons of courses and tutorials for these programming languages for free without ads.

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They’re most of the time very long and thorough too, so it will definitely make your time worth it if you decide to learn on YouTube. Just make sure that you don’t get sidetracked too often.

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And that’s all we can say for the websites where you can learn about these programming languages for free online. It’s tough time after all, and with how apparent technology and digital technology in particular in our life right now, it’ll definitely help us in the long run to learn about these things.

Originally posted 2021-03-05 09:01:05.