5 Easy Life Hacks and Unique Handy Tips



Of course, in daily life, various problems often occur from family life to health, and there are tips for daily life as well as for housewives.
This is because everyone can housewives experience the problems that housewives experience, such as mosquito bites, accidental hot water, and exposure to oil spills and stains.
Now, to solve this problem, you definitely need a practical and appropriate solution. Here are some unique and simple life hacks and tips to help you in your daily life. Hopefully, the news about these tips can help.

Find the lost little ones

You often lose small things like keys. Losing a key can be confusing, stressful, and even harder to find.
If you don’t hurry and look calmly, it will be easier to find small lost items.
If you are the type of person who often loses keys, remember in detail all the activities you do in detail. Look for a place where your keys are usually stored, such as next to a door, in a bag, in your pocket, or under a table if you fall.
According to experts, the correct way to find lost objects is to remember what activity was done.

How to actually remove dirt from the toilet

Materials that can be used to clean the toilet include cola drinks. Pour into the toilet and brush as usual. You can also use orange, which is commonly used as a bleaching agent.
Sprinkle orange on the toilet, wait an hour and then brush to clean. Similarly, a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and borax juice can be used as a powerful toilet cleaner.

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Dry clothes quickly during the rainy season

After the rainy season, it becomes difficult for clothes to dry, and everyone is worried. Especially if you need clothes to wear immediately. If you have a washer and dryer, this is certainly not a problem.
But some tips can help your clothes dry faster. That is, separate heavy and light clothes and at the same time put a dry towel in the washing machine. You can also use a hairdryer or hair dryer to dry your clothes.
When ironing wet clothes, make sure they are completely dry to avoid a musty odor. On the other hand, if you choose this method, you should also check your microwave frequently to prevent your clothes from burning.

Tips for cleaning up used oil spills

If spilled oil adheres to clothing, it will become dirty and difficult to peel off. Rinse any spilled clothing immediately.
Rub with a detergent until clean and rinse with hot water until the oil is gone. If that doesn’t work, clean it with rubbing alcohol.
Wet the cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe the oil spill. Then soak in detergent water and wash as usual.
Sparkling water is known to effectively absorb spilled oil, so you can replace the detergent with sparkling water if needed.
Other materials that can absorb spilled oil are sand, ash, and especially oil-absorbing products. On the other hand, if oil spills on thin clothes such as chiffon, sprinkle with baby powder and continue washing as usual.

Eliminate body odor

Body odor is a sensitive problem and can make a person unreliable. Overcome the problem of body odor by drinking plenty of water.
Water produces odorless sweat and promotes blood circulation. Don’t forget to wear clean, sweat-wicking clothing and always wear deodorant. You can also prevent body odor by reducing your intake of fatty foods and spices such as onions.

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