5 Good Steps to Maintain Psychic Health During the Covid-19 Virus Outbreak


The outbreak of the corona covid-19 virus tends to bring many changes to your everyday life. With the uncertainty of circumstances, changing daily routines, financial stress, and social isolation.

Some of these things allow you to experience depression, worry, fear, grief, and loneliness. as long as this plague hit.

Psychological health problems, including worry and stress, can get worse if you can’t handle them. It takes tactics to deal with mental problems so that your life is handled well and healthily.

Maintain a sleep schedule, eat healthy foods, avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption, and reassure thinking from some information that makes you worry, a way out, so that you will feel calmer, more comfortable, and brighter.

Some of these things can be tried to be applied to maintain mental health throughout the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus, just as we have collected from various sources, Monday (6/4/2020).

1.Enough Sleep

Adequate sleep has an important role in body health. Adequate sleep of about 7-8 hours per day should be provided for adults and the elderly.

Meanwhile, the ages of some children and adolescents should cover their sleep hours of around 9-12 hours per day. Adequate sleep should be used as a part of maintaining health.

Having adequate sleep can release cytokine compounds. These compounds can exert a protective effect on the immune mechanism by fighting off infections and infections and preventing the body from getting sick.

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2. Eat Healthy Food

Healthy food is food that should contain various nutrients that the body needs. The body needs various types of nutrition to be healthy and development can run optimally, such as meeting the requirements of healthy food (4 healthy 5 perfect)

Gaining A Healthy Psychological Health for Yourself

Determine healthy foods, such as green vegetables, fruits, to milk. You can choose foods that contain lots of vitamin C, because of their high anti-oxidant character to help add to the immune mechanism free from the attacks of various diseases, including from COVID-19.

3. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol

Smoking is one of the factors in the increasing spread of coronavirus. There is evidence that smokers are more prone to contracting the coronavirus and should be suspected.

Smoking can increase the risk of infection with the coronavirus, which becomes a serious disease complexity due to COVID-19. Smokers have a higher risk of developing lung disease because COVID-19 can affect the lungs.

Alcohol consumption can worsen the condition and will worsen the situation for COVID-19 patients.

4. Keep an eye on Obtaining Info

Residents must be wise when determining information plus specific information about the coronavirus. Incorrect consumption of information containing some information about the Coronavirus can add to concerns.

5 Effective Ways to Keep Psychological Health

You must be wise in separating information related to the coronavirus so that you do not become a victim of rumors and false information that can affect mental health.

Keep an eye on the short distance of excess info and determine the right and most trusted source.

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5. Reassuring Thought

Set aside time for ourselves, a few moments to refresh and help calm thinking and reduce anxiety.

You can do meditation or tai chi. Doing meditation makes you will be more concentrated on some of the things that are happening. A meditation technique that can be implemented is mindful meditation.

Meditation is a practice of relaxation which involves letting go of the mind from all that is alluring, burdensome, or worrisome in everyday life.

Besides, try the martial arts and soft channel health exercises from China, Tai Chi can restore the mood and restore positive elements to lower the level of depression.