6 Best Recreational Places in the City of Surabaya You Must Visit


Surabaya as a metropolitan city in East Java is a recreational destination for travelers from various origins. There are several recreational spots in Surabaya that you can visit together. Recreational destinations in Surabaya are very good and can add a stock photo of your vacation. It is predicted that there will be more and more recreational destinations. This is because the number of tourists and residents continues to increase. In recent years, changing recreational destinations in the form of parks appear to be growing rapidly in many places in Surabaya.

Travelers can choose a recreational destination according to their wishes because in Surabaya there are various destinations. You can recreational education, nature recreation, and others. Recreation destinations in Surabaya are busy so that the facilities are always updated to give travelers satisfaction.

Spending a vacation in Surabaya is not impossible. If you are confused about which recreation destination to go to, you can use the following references to determine the direction.

1. Ciputra Waterpark