7 Best Tourist Attractions Near Borobudur Temple Indonesia



Since the Covid-19 Pandemic was announced by the Indonesian Government, several tourist attractions have been temporarily closed to avoid crowds. However, as cases of contagion have slowed, tourism has slowly begun to open, one of which is the best tour near the Borobudur temple in Magelang, Indonesia.

at Borobudur Temple has been reopened and welcomed enthusiastically by tourists. It is evident from the visitor quota which is always full every day. After visiting the temple (or if you don’t get a visit quota), you can stop by a tourist spot near Borobudur.

From enjoying the natural atmosphere to learning about ancestral history, this tourist spot near Borobudur is ready to enrich your holiday experience in Magelang. Here are the 7 Best Tourist Places Near Borobudur Temple in Indonesia that you can visit;

Rhema Hill Chicken Church

Rhema Hill Chicken Church

Indeed, this tourist spot near Borobudur is a place of worship for anyone. Inside there is also a prayer room for Muslims who want to worship while visiting here. The location is on Menoreh Hill and surrounded by lush green trees and cool air. This place has become increasingly popular since it appeared in the film What’s Up With Love 2. You can also go up to the rooftop of this building to see the view of Borobudur Temple from a distance.

Mendut Temple


If you are not satisfied with seeing the temple, you can also stop by Mendut Temple which is not far from Borobudur Temple. This tourist spot near Borobudur is about 4 kilometers away and is one of the Buddhist temples that was also built during the Syailendra dynasty. Until now Mendut Temple is still used as a place for religious ceremonies.

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Elo River Rafting


Who says that there are no adrenaline-pumping tourist attractions near Borobudur? Elo River is a favorite rafting location in Magelang. There are many tour operators that offer rafting packages on the Elo River, complete with all the tools and guides. The average rafting path taken is about 10-11 kilometers and can be completed in about 2 hours.



This tourist spot near Borobudur is only about 3 kilometers to the south of Borobudur Temple. The location is also easy to find, precisely in the rice fields near the Ngaran and Gopalan hamlets. No less than 20 photo spots are in this place and one of the highlights is a swing overlooking the expanse of rice fields. At first glance, this scene reminds us of a swing in Ubud, Bali.

Candirejo’s Balcony


You can be a local for a day when you visit the Candirejo Village Conservation Center (Balkondes). This tourist village near Borobudur offers a number of interesting activities. You can cycle around the village or ride a wagon while enjoying the nature of Magelang. If you come and stay at the right time, you can also witness a number of traditional village rituals such as the nyadran, jathilan, and menoreh ceremonies. There are also a number of local handicrafts that you can buy directly from the producers in this village.

Pawon Temple


Similar but not the same, Pawon Temple is also a tourist spot near Borobudur that is often visited. These three temples are in a straight line, so they are believed to have a close relationship with each other.

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Samudraraksa Ship Museum

Samudraraksa Ship Museum

This museum is a tourist spot near Borobudur which is still in the same complex. In this museum, you can see the Ocean Mercury Ship which has been reconstructed in its original size. This ship comes from the Syailendra dynasty and is written on a number of reliefs of Borobudur Temple. Here, too, you can get to know the maritime history of the archipelago through interactive rides.