7 The Beauty of Mount Bromo Tourism Objects in Indonesia



7 The beauty of Mount Bromo Tourism Objects in Indonesia deserves to be one of the most interesting travel destinations to visit for foreign tourists. Mount Bromo, which is located on the perch of Probolinggo, is a special attraction for local and foreign tourists with its beautiful natural scenery that is not found on other mountains. Mount Bromo is located between the four districts of Probolingga, Pasuruan Regency, Lumajang Regency and Malang Regency, Indonesia.

Foreign tourists can visit Mount Bromo by using the services or trusted travel agent of your choice and of course the one that suits your financial condition. Here are 7 beauties of Mount Bromo tourist attraction in Indonesia;

1. Whispering Sand (Pasir Berbisik)


This whispering stretch of sand in Bromo begins your tour before entering Mount Bromo. You will be spoiled with a wide stretch of sand with open views for playing trill motorbikes, riding horses rented by local residents and very beautiful photo spots. This area is located to the east of the peak of Mount Bromo with a plateau that has cold temperatures so it is mandatory for you to wear a thick jacket when visiting this area.

2. Kingkong Sunrise Hill (Bukit Kingkong)

Bukit kingkong sunrise is the best place to observe the sunrise on Mount Bromo. However, this place seems to be a favorite among visitors, so you have to be willing to queue if you want to visit the Kingkong Sunrise hill spot to get your best photos. Tourists also need to pay attention to visiting times to get sunrise results that match tourists’ expectations, don’t let you visit at night that doesn’t match expectations.