Responsible Travel While Visiting Bali



The purpose of the three appeals is to invite tourists to always be responsible travel and maintain behavior when visiting a destination. One of them includes the use of local resources, such as the use of tour guide services, the use of local lodgings, and buying handicrafts typical of the local area.

Talking about sustainability, Bali is one of the destinations that is aggressively promoting sustainable tourism. The synergy between nature, culture and Bali’s people is the main key. Check out the following reviews about responsible activities that you can do when visiting various tourist destinations in Bali.

Sekumpul Waterfall

The name Sekumpul is also in accordance with the panorama offered, namely a row of waterfalls that flow simultaneously from a height of 50 meters. To reach this destination, tourists have to descend a cliff with hundreds of steps, cross a rocky river, and cross a coffee plantation owned by residents.

Understanding Responsible Travel and Why It’s Important