The Best Life Hack You Can Do


There are so many life hack tips circulating on the internet today. As we know, Life hack is a set of tips to solve everyday problems. Life hack seems to not only make our daily work easier but also save us money. See life hacks that are guaranteed to be very useful for overcoming problems.

Tidy Up The Charger Cable

Who often has a problem with charger cables that are messy and pile up on each other? Now, try to use the former tissue roll and insert the cable in it. It must be neat right away.

Use Toothpaste to Clean Eyeglass Lenses

Apply toothpaste on eyeglass lenses, wipe with a soft cloth or microfiber for 30 seconds, then rinse with warm water, guaranteed to be clear immediately.

The Hole in The Beverage Can Actually Have A Function

If the straw goes into a hole like this, it won’t be a hassle anymore, right? It turns out that the hole has a function. Save time, put two bowls at once in the microwave, just put a glass under one of the bowls and guarantee enough.

Use A Key Chain to Overcome Self-Popping Zippers

The method is very easy, just by hooking the key chain on the zipper and then hanging it on the button of the pants. Guaranteed there will be no more embarrassing moments.

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Clothes Often Fall Off The Hanger? Use Rubber On Both Ends Of The Hanger

You must experience this often. Try tying the rubber on the two ends of the hanger, guaranteed your clothes will not fall.

Having Trouble Finding The End Of The Tape? Mark It With A Paper Clip

This one thing must often irritate you. Insert a paper clip at the end of your tape and your problem will be resolved. Good luck!

3 Best Life Hacks to Boost Your Productivity at Home

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