The Most Favourite Tourist Destination in Indonesia



More than 17,000 islands in Indonesia are heaven for travelling lovers. Not only in the ears of local tourists but also a conversation among world tourists. There are five favourite tourist destination in Indonesia.

Raja Ampat

The eastern part of Indonesia has its way of captivating tourists. The stretch of stunning green islands is an Indonesian tourist spot that is not only interesting to visit, but also hard to forget. Yes, the Raja Ampat Islands have indeed become a tourist spot in Indonesia which has become a world-class vacation destination.


Mentioning Indonesian tourist attractions that are frequently visited by foreign tourists, Bali is a place that should be on your list. The beauty of the Island of the Gods has been famous to all corners of the world and its existence is a mandatory destination that foreign tourists must visit.


For those of you who are interested in the beautiful waves and seas, Wakatobi is a destination that can provide a pleasant marine experience. You can fill your vacation time in Wakatobi with exciting activities such as swimming, snorkelling, fishing, and of course enjoying the underwater beauty by diving.